F.U.N (Fioretto’s Unleashed Nutters) Teams Cup Description

Also unofficially known as Sam and Etai's Awesome Teams Event

The F.U.N Teams cup is an in house teams competition for Fioretto Fencing Club members. 2014 is the competition's inaugral year, so there is a certain amount of testing going on at the moment, but the system works like this.

At the start of the season members are invited to join the competition and put their names down. At close of entries the Head Coach ranks the participants in order of strongest to weakest and then divides them into evenly balanced teams. This system is the same used for distributing fencers amongst evenly balanced pooles in competition. For more a more detailed explanation, please talk to Brook, Etai or Sam. 

These teams then compete over several preliminary rounds for ranking points which will be added together for seeding in the final championship round.

The competition  is held on an Saturday once every two months in place of Saturday's intensive training. With the teams divided into pooles due to numbers. After a lengthy round one, it has also been decided that all future rounds with the exception of the final be run on a modified points system; 2 minutes instead of 3, and 3 points per bout instead of 5.

This years teams are: