Description of the Eastern Region Competition


This is a series of competitions hosted and run by Fioretto Fencing Club for clubs in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Originally the concept was put together with another club as an opportunity for developing fencers in the region to have a stepping stone series that would help develop confidence and feed more developed fencers into state competitions. It has grown from there into a friendly and highly competitive foil competition with 2-3 foil clubs regularly in attentance.

Since initiating this idea the competition scene in Victoria has evolved greatly, as has Fioretto FC. In 2016, in response to changes within our own club, and looking at the activities of other Eastern Region Clubs, Fioretto decided to change the ERC from a foil focused comp with simple Open skill category, to reflect growing demand for epee fencers and novice fencers to have their own events. As such the 5 competition series has been broken up and the dates have been re-tasked to accomodate 1 Novice ERC event and 1 epee Grand Prix event (This was infact begun in  2015, with great success).
rds the ERC champion's Trophy with each competition, but ERC points do not count in the state or national competition systems. 

Future Competition Dates

ERC Novice foil: Sunday 20th March.Registrations 10am and roll call at 10.30am.
ERC Open Foil, Round 1: Sunday15th, May. Registrations 10am and roll call at 10.30am.
ERC Open Foil, Round 2: Sunday 26th, July. Registrations 10am and roll call at 10.30am.
ERC Epee, Grand Prix: Sunday 2nd, October. Registrations 10am and roll call at 10.30am


Entry Rules

Conditions of Entry:

  • Fencers must be a financial member of a registered FV fencing club.
  • Fencers must be affiliated to FV at some level (‘club fencer’ is fine).
  • ERC clubs are limited to: Melbourne FC, Blacklords FC, LaTRobe Uni, Monash Uni, Fioretto FC, Chevalier FC and Penisular FA. If a club is not shown in this list that wishes to participate in the competition then they should contact us.
  • Correct fencing attire is manditory: Full whites must be worn. We accept white track pants, as long as the fencer’s body and legs are fully covered. (please note: This is a generous take on a standard FIE rule. If you look at any of the images published on this site of the ERC, you’ll quickly understand the benefit of this policy to our sport.)
  • ERC competitions are run in accordance with FIE rules and sanctions. All competitors are bound by these rules and will observe them or accept penalties applied in accordance to the FIE rules.
  • The ERC is an Open event, which places no restriction on age. We do however, caution young fencers under 15 years of age and their parents to understand that they will be fencing adults, and they do so of their own free will in the knowledge that they face a physical and developmental dissadvantage, and that in such a contest there is a risk of physical injury caused by larger and harder hitting opponents.
  • While in the Fioretto Sala all fencers will respect that it is a family friendly environment and will modify their langauge accordlingly. That means ‘G’ rating with no ‘S…’, ‘F…’ or other such colourful terms.
  • There will be no consumption of alcohol during events by fencers or spectators. Any fencer suspected of being under the influence of alcohol will be removed from the competition for safety.
  • Fioretto Hall is a Smoke Free zone. There is no smoking in the hall or any of its rooms, and no smoking within 50 meters of the hall outside.